"You can achieve anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support."

BeFocused – Lifestyle agency for athletes was founded by two sports enthusiastic managers with one goal, which is to enable players to be focused on their career and make the most of their precious free time.

Together, the founders incorporate a cross-generational and interdisciplinary perspective. From their previous careers in international banking and consulting they bring their service mindset, which stands for high quality, speed, customer centricity and discretion.

In addition to their knowledge of the business world, both have several years of expertise in supporting top athletes. Due to their own family circle a direct relationship with professional athletes has been established, resulting in a unique understanding of the particular needs and requirements of top athletes and their families. 

These activities have led to the consistent development of BeFocused to enable the customers to be focused, successful and happy.

Working with athletes is expected to be based on a trusting and cooperative relationship.

Welcome to BeFocused.

Udo Schweers

Aleksandar Glavas

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